Pat's Paper Gift Wrap TM Established 06/21/2009

Labyrinth Spiral Suns on Multi-colored Checkerboard Background #005

Print your own gift wrap or save as wallpaper for the PC. This idea struck me when I was shopping for Christmas stocking stuffers for my two grand children. Since I have published so many websites with free color book crafts, I have a huge inventory of already colored thumbnail images just waiting to serve a dual purpose. I began experimenting with making patterns for web background images with the idea that they can be used, not as simple background graphics but as printable gift wrap.

While working out of the home, many times I would be shanghai'd into attending an office party, birthday celebration or special event where a small gift was appropriate. Never prepared, of course, I'd have to make a mad dash to the mall to pick up some little thing and rush back to the office only to realize all I had to wrap the thing in was copy paper or newspaper. Paper Gift Wrap is absolutely perfect for these events because it allows a person to quickly print a page or two of unique and original wrapping paper for that emergency gift.

Not just gift wrap but these printables can be perfectly suited to making personalized book covers, laminated place mats such as kinte cloth and plate holders. Print and cut out colorful winter holiday snowflakes and festive hanging ornaments. Make colorful envelopes or print your own stationery and write letters to friends and relatives.

Paper Pumpkin Patterns

Be sure to also enjoy all the free Paper Pumpkin Patterns patterns for unique, original Halloween carving and coloring fun for the children! Hundreds of easy pumpkin carving templates for beginners, perfect for busy moms and dads. 

Hundreds of Gift Wrap Theme Printables

Flying Spaghetti Monsters on Colorful Rainbow Bursts Backgrounds #045

Boy Howdy, have I had a blast with this little project. Since inception a few years ago it now offers nearly 3,000 images so far. I love illustrating but never managed to wrangle my way into any career that sought out this ability. No life sucks attitude for me, I kept up my skills by volunteering my artwork talents to non-profits and charities. Now that I am retired I decided to hire myself for this new job: Illustrating images for crafts and give them away to non-profits and charities for personal and educational purposes.

Virtually every occasion theme is available with these home printable gift wrap designs. Perfect for Christmas, Easter, office parties, emergency and last minute events such as forgotten anniversaries, birthday, holiday, wedding shower party gifts. Paper Gift Wrap's printable's are perfect for wrapping Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter party prizes, dog and cat pet presents, and spur of the moment gift giving. I find these images fun to use on my own PC as wall paper.

Latino or Mexican Skull Masks #002
Mexican Masks #002

When your gift is small and you just need a little bit of paper for a one-time gift or event. Save your money and print just what you need on your own home or office printer.

Did you forget someone's anniversary...again? Luckily, we offer gift wrap printables to decorate those last minute anniversary gifts you got your lover. Printable gift wrap for office, school and home emergencies such as last minute office, birthday parties or baby shower.

Gift Wrap Do it Your Self Printables and Wall Paper

Impress your teacher, boss or co-workers with unique gift wrap for boss day or secretary's day. Print background images for photo frames or make festive and colorful paper snowflakes and other crafty cutouts.

Save yourself the hassle of the last minute scramble to find the perfect wrapping paper for the office party or spur of the moment gift. Great for wrapping stocking stuffers, jewelry, gifts, dog and cat treats, CD', DVD's, candy and other meaningful, special and personal small presents.

Giftwrap for rockhounds - Snowflake obsidian wrapping paper printables. Put a "rock" in the Christmas stocking this year. If you print this fun design on glossy paper or with ink jet printing you just might fool the receiver of the rock for a few seconds. Well worth a laugh!