floral bouquet1200Springtime Flowers

Nothing brings a smile quicker than a bouquet of bright, colorful flowers. My favorite flower is the magnolia blossom with its sweet lemony scent. Years ago, I discovered the perfect time to pluck a blossom to bring freshness into the stuffy office cubicle, is when the cone shaped flowers turn white. Pick before the flower opens and place into a bowl of water. Over the next three or 5 days the flower will gradually open and release fragrance into the air. Of all the fake fresheners available for indoor use, nothing beats the fresh scent of mother nature's magnolia.

Flowery designs make wonderful sun catcher ornaments and window decorations.  Trace onto cloth or foam sheets to make soft novelty bauble to hang for the holiday. Print and color the floral heart designs and color or decorate with markers or crayons.

Kids can create lovely hand-made flowery Valentine's Day pictures to enjoy giving to family, friends and classmates.   Teach the children how to make needle point tapestries for permanent keepsakes the family will treasure. 

Each large Valentine's Day color book image has a folding card counterpart so the child can double the fun.  Cut, color and paste pre-made sweetheart sentiments onto the Valentine pictures with St. Valentine quotes and saying.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Color the floral and flowers theme images with crayons or markers. Embroider or crochet the floral and flowers designs onto pillow cases and hankerchiefs. Make floral and flowers theme coasters or place mats for beverage containers or table settings. .