Color Book Snowflake Valentines

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big heart flower valentine snowflake1200Valentine's Day Snowflake Outlines

Color book snowflake image printables for child craft activities. Snowflakes also make great pattern for personal or non-profit woodworking, embroidery, crochet, latch-hook rugmaking, glass etching and stenciling projects. Make soft ornaments, by tracing the snowflakes onto multicolored sheets of foam and cut and paste various designs.

Valentine snowflakes can also be used with water colors, wood scroll saw crafts and embroidery for educational child craft activities. Guaranteed to keep young children busy for hours and provide endless decorating ideas for Valentine's day and other sentimental holidays parties and games.

Use these designs to make Valentine's Day Snowflake Sugar Cookies or cake designs with colored sugar, coco or cinnamon sprinkles.

Coloring Snowflake Hearts