Crop Circles 2009

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jelly fish cropcirle12002009 Crop Circles

Crop circles crop circles have appeared overnight all over the world for centuries. They are created in the dark of night by supposedly unseen forces (UFO's and aliens) who flatten portions of a crop such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rapeseed to shape the crop into a geometric or creative design.

There are various theories and explanations about crop circle appearances, while some people truly believe that crop circles are the result of extraordinary meteorological phenomena, and offer spiritual, mystical and supernatural explanations for designs, these mysterious patterns most likely are the work of mischievous humans, not inquisitive space aliens.

Crop Circles or wheat graffiti were first identified as Mowing Devils in a 1678 English woodcut publication "Strange News out of Hartford-shire".

Crop Circle Printable Patterns

The earliest crop circle reportedly appeared about 2,000 years ago according to Bob Kingsley, founder of The Circular, the official magazine of the Crop Circle Connector (CCCS). Other mentions include historic sightings in the 1600's but most crop circle sightings seem to have taken place since the 1940's to the present.

Use these images as guides for creating child-sized crop circle in more desirable places than farmers fields, such as playgrounds, drive ways, asphalt surfaces and sandy beaches.

These images are just a small sampling of the many crop circles that have appeared in fields over the years. Refer to the directions for making child-sized crop circles for ideas and materials needed.