Mandalas From Crop Circles

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cats ears mandala1200Mandala Patterns for Crop Circles

These Crop Circle Mandalas were generated by processing images in scissorcraft.  I used (and still do use ) the kaleidoscope feature within an old graphics program called Paint Shop Pro.   The resulting mandala images are pretty amazing. 

I picked these designs because most give an "out of this world" impression such as alien faces or overall weirdness factor. 

The term "Mandala" was selected because the kaleidoscope was set at 8 petals with image rotation of 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Crop circles like Buddhist Mandalas, are said to lead a person into a heightened sense of awareness. These designs may assist in reaching mathematical awareness, but are truly intended for educational, entertainment and relaxation purposes.

Mandala Color Book Craft Images

More mandala designs exist in most of the other craft sites in scissorcraft. Paper eggs for instance offers a collection of Easter egg mandalas.  So explore and have fun.