Kirigami Snowflake Fold & Cut Valentines

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big heart flower valentine folding snowflakeFolding Snowflake Patterns

Kirigami is the art of cutting and folding paper. Snowflake designs are fun for any winter occasion and snowflake Valentines are perfect for Valentine's Day festivities.

Paper Valentine Snowflake cutting and folding is both educational and fun activities for children.

Print the valentine snowflake designs on regular or colored paper. Red and Pink are traditional Valentine's Day colors.

These make cute, enjoyable gifts children can easily make themselves to either insert into Valentine's Day envelopes along with the Valentine cards or print on specialized paper for fun Valentine refrigerator magnets or home-made transparencies and window appliques.

Kirigami Valentines

Press between large books or heavy objects to flatten the cut out patterns then laminate your favorites and make coasters, placemats and ornaments.