Printable Butterfly and moth Theme Gift Wrap

Butterflies & Moths

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Butterflies and Moths

This section of colorful buggy wall paper is a small collection of both realistic and whimsical renditions of butterflies to brighten up the gift wrapping party. Wrap small gifts with pretty and colorful butterfly paper. These butterfly and moth gift wrapping images are derived from thumbnail images of larger color book printable illustrations of butterflies and moths in paper butterflies which contains many over-sized black and white color book printables children can use for educational arts and crafts or needle point and other craft projects.

Other uses for these back ground printouts is to make laminated place mats or coasters. Cut into strips of equal lengths and width to weave as Kinte cloth for eye-catching and unique plate holders. Cut patterns into colorful paper snowflakes or paper chains.

The website Paper Butterflies is the source of these gift wrap wall paper images. paper Butterflies site is full of wonderful black and white color book butterfly and moth images, facts and resourceful information links, all free, accurately illustrated by yours truly.

Lepidoptera and Moths

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