Geometric Symmetrical Abstract Shapes Theme Gift Wrap

Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive Symmetrical Patterns

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Repeating, abstract geometric shape combinations can create interesting stain-glass effects when applied to a graphic art program kaleidoscope or pattern generating feature.  The simple act of cutting of a circle shape in half and rearrange in various angles can produce an unlimited combination of eye-pleasing designs.

Whirls & Swirls

Abstracts include repeating patterns, broken lines, splotches of color and geometric shapes to form eye-catching designs. Gift wrap traditionally is the application of a block of a pattern which is repeated across the length and breadth of the cloth or paper. Most graphic art programs can create repeating patterns out of most any image. I prefer to copy and paste and illustrate these repeating patterns myself without the use of computer generated patterns.

These whimsical repeaters include circles, lines and curves with lots of dots, and geometric angles and shapes. I find it interesting how a tile of a design changes when applied across a page will completely mask the original design. Try to guess which design is the original. Hint, right click the mouse will reveal the original. You may be surprised at what you find will usually be different than what you guess.

Stars, Diamonds, Circles

Images of stars, diamonds, circles, hexagons, etc, when combined into repeating patterns often disappear completely with the combination of shapes produce entirely new dominant shapes.  

For instance, the Kepler star image, when applied as a repeating pattern takes on the appearance of cubes and diamonds.   The star shape virtually disappears.  Check each gift wrap pattern's title, such as the 8-point-star below, and images with "circle" in the title then try to determine the original shapes (hint you can right click on the page to view the original pattern).