Cultural Native American

tawa suns hand prints blueiconNative American style gift wrap images in this section are created from Paper Kachinas site which contains many color book versions of historic Hopi Kachina or katsina style masks, dolls and figurines.

Hopi are Native American Pueblo Indians who reside in Arizona. Hopis live in 12 villages on top and at the base of three mesas in northern Arizona covering approximately 1.5 million acres. The Hano (Tewa), Sichmovi and Walpi villages rest at the top of the first mesa while the village of Polacca rests at the foot.


The villages of Sipaulavi, Mishongnovi and Shungopavi are located on the second mesa. Oraibi, Bacavi and Hotevilla rest at the top of the third mesa while Kykotsmovi rests at the foot of the third mesa. The village of Moenkopi is located west of the three mesas. The Hopi live in an extremely dry and arid country. This lack of rainfall has led the Hopi to become experts in the art of dry farming. The frequent religious dances and ceremonies of the Hopi are primarily focused on rainfall, reproduction and food production which includes plant, domestic and hunted animals.


These Native American theme gift wrap images are unique, one of a kind wrapping paper that can be used for Indian theme celebrations, rituals and observances where gifts are exchanged.