buffalo decorated skullsiconMexican and Latino Skulls

 Sun Symbols

Día de los Muertos Skull Masks & Papel Picado

(Mexican Snowflakes)

November 2nd, the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) or All Souls´ Day is happy and colorful celebration and Mexico's most important religious holiday. On this day it is believed that dead relatives return from their resting places to visit their loved ones. Families visit cemeteries and churches bringing with them with flowers, candles, and prayer to reinforce the solidarity between living and dead persons. Origins of the holiday date back to Aztec festivals dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl who watches over the bones of the dead.

Latino, Skull All Souls´ Day

skull papel picado snowflakeSkull painting masks for day of the dead festivals includes bright colors, flowers and all (and more) of these types of design characters - and more

  • Spider webs
  • hearts
  • roses
  • scrollwork
  • gods eye
  • repeating patterns
  • Flowers
  • stitches
  • tear drops
  • butterflies
  • crosses
  • Flowering vines
  • swords
  • daggers
  • morning glory flowers
  • day of the dead mexican skull
  • mustaches
  • bright primary colors

Hispanic and Latino Theme Gift Wrap

The sun is the source of Earth's warmth and holds a prominent place in folk art and makes a wonderful subject for cultural celebration and event gift giving such as Cinco de Mayo or classroom educational aids and activities for teaching about the solar system.