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lotus flower circlesicon Spirituality is found not only in the realm of religious faith. Song, music and beauty may all create joy and good feelings which leave people refreshed and revitalized. These gift wrap images provide a treat for free thinkers. There seems to be a void of images available for freethinking families who choose to celebrate and entertain traditional holidays or celebration.

Freethinkers are science-minded people who form independent opinions about religions and spiritual matters independent of tradition, authority, or established belief.

Free thinkers include atheists, humanists and many other philosophical groups that reject supernatural answers to questions and rely on logic combined with scientific empiricism. Empiricism relies upon evidence discovered through experimentation and is a fundamental part of the scientific method.  Empirical evidence is what scientists rely upon to form theories or hypotheses about the natural world.

The flying spaghetti monster is an example of an imaginary being whose existence is brought about solely through intuition or revelation with absolutely no proof whatsoever.  Without the ability to test for actual evidence, the Monster's existence can neither be proven or dis-proven.

Present your stocking stuffers and office party gifts with unique and unusual printable gift wrap specifically tailored for atheists and agnostics and other free thinkers. Include these images on camp outs and gatherings where children can enjoy decorating free thought color book images as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Atoms, Darwin Fish and Humanist symbols.

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