People, Human Beings and Wannabees

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Now and then I get on a silly kick and wind up with funny cartoons and silly figures. I especially like the mystical evil eye, or eye of god karmic themes as they make interesting gift wrap or background desk top patterns.


All the images in this web site are created from color book and craft images located throughout scissor craft sites. The African Roots pod people are part of the Egg Shaped Pod People collection These cute little egg people can be applied to class projects for children's social studies projects too. Does your child know where they are in the family structure? Make family tree charts and graphs with these characters dressed in period costumes to represent various ethnic origins. Children may select characters to assign labels to such as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather then choose the appropriate historical garb from Puritans from Plymouth rock to world cultures such as Irish, Spanish, African etc.


The all-seeing-gods-eye-hands gift wrap image belongs to Mandala collection of spherical geometrical designs. Mandalas are a bit like free line pencil drawings applied to an 8-section kaleidoscope, the basic structure of most traditional mandalas.

Bean bag baby dolls make fun toys for babies and infants. Designs could be used as sewing patterns for handy sewing aficionados. These doll pattern color book images can be applied to paper, foam, felt or other cloth sheets to create handmade gifts such as stuffed dolls or safe mobile ornaments to hang above baby cribs. Make wall hangings to cheer up a nursery room or latch hook rug squares for the play room floor. More dolls like Santa Claus bean bag dolls.