Hearts and Valentine Sweet Theme Gift Wrap

Valentine Hearts

candied hearts rainbow colorsiconPlanning a February 14th Party? Let the children decorate the walls and windows with festive hearts and Cupid's Arrows. Saint Valentine coloring images suitable to print, color, cut, fold and paste to your sweet heart's content. Have the kids make colorful centerpieces or drink coasters and place mats for table decorations.

Print-it-yourself wallpaper or gift-wrap paper Valentine's Day gift wrap for small, personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by letter or legal sized paper. Primary colors for St. Valentine's day are red and pink. The Saint Valentine's Day images in this section are all available as paper crafts for personal art projects in Paper Valentines for Children web site.

Any of these gift wrap back ground images can be used to wrap food and candy gifts. Saint Valentine's Day printable images for creating your own unique one-of-a kind gift wrapping for small presents. Colorful and unique gift wrap you can print on your home or office laser jet or color printer.

Visit Wikipedia for more information about St. Valentine's day and view historic examples of valentine cards.

Sweetheart Valentine Theme Gift Wrap


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