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Commercial Companies, Retailers, Graphic Artists

I actively protect my trademark and copyrights.

Unless specifically identified as such, the images and text content in ScissorCraft ® are NOT in the public domain. Permission to use any of this material for commercial purposes of any kind is expressly denied.

Frankly, whether you are a so-called "professionally trained" graphic artist or self trained, if you have to resort to abusing another person's work to call your own in order to meet a deadline or gain a big commission, you really should consider another line of work.

You don't own the rights to any of these images so ask yourself if the level of risk of being forced to pay me a several hundred thousand dollar penalty vs a much smaller license fee is acceptable to yourself or your company.

Contact me if you want to work out a royalty agreement or license for my images.

Take 5 minutes Out of Your Busy Day

Here are instructions you may appreciate which teach how to make unique snowflake creations using your own art program. Also online Snowflake Generators can help you create pretty good patterns which you could make screen prints from and go from there.

It takes less than 5 minutes to create a unique paper snowflake design. I have provided a lot of teaching tools to assist everyone in how to create their own unique design.

The content of "Paper and ScissorCrafts for Children" may not be sold in any form what-so-ever.

If yours is a charitable organization and you are interested in using these images for fund raising purposes you MUST contact us for prior permission and we reserve the right to refuse.

All images are registered with the Library of Congress' Copyright Office. If you choose to use an image without obtaining proper permission, U.S. Copyright Laws allow a number of benefits and remedies available to the artist.

Educators may make multiple printed copies of the documents in "Paper and ScissorCrafts® for Children" for distribution to students in a public or private educational setting as long as all attribution to copyright and source information is intact on every printed page.

Take the Mystery out of Copyrights

Published by the Library of Congress to assist teachers - Copyright Flash and Videos for Teachers

US Copyright Office, Copyright FAQs

Teaching Copyright EFF's Teaching Copyright curriculum designed for teachers.

ScissorCrafts License Rules

ScissorCrafts Rules

Rules for Image Use

Copyright rules in a nutshell: All images are specifically intended for personal, educational and non-profit use only. The images on ScissorCraft websites may be printed loose-leaf, directly on paper* and shared in hard-copy form with all existing copyright and contact information left intact on the printings. The images may not be sold or used for profit in any way, shape or form, including book, or manuscript or other bound format without prior permission or license from me. In other words, print on paper (or any other medium that can be fed through the average printer/copier), hand out for free to color, cut up and otherwise assemble, and it's all good. Commercial Companies, Retailers, Graphic Artists please read.

However, if you publish, post any image, in any form, electronically on your blog, website, twitter, etc, or make products with these images, including books and pamphlets to sell and you'll be in violation.

Absolutely no commercial use of these images in any form what-so-ever without a prior license agreement.

*The term "paper" includes any medium that is intended to use in small home or office printers and copiers such as decal, magnet sheets, iron-on transfer paper, labels, etc.

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Trademark and Copyright Notification, Scissorcraft websites, henceforth referred to as "Paper and ScissorCrafts® for Children", are protected by international trademark and copyright laws. It is a violation of these laws to reproduce or transmit this material, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior written permission of ScissorCrafts

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All content of these websites are registered with the US Copyright Office.